Hudson Steelworks can design, engineer, manufacture and install high quality machined steel buildings in 30% less time, then traditional stick built structures.

These basic services consist of designing the structure to meet your needs and fit on your plot of land, manufacturing the steel components, assembling components into panels and the field installation of panels to create the superstructure.

This bundle of services delivers a Hudson Formed Steel, or HudsonFS, building.

For even faster turnaround times, we will maintain a library of pre-designed & engineered HudsonFS buildings that fit on standard urban lot sizes.

There’s something missing here. There has to be a better way” This was the thinking behind the bundled suite of services for Landlords, Developers and General Contractors looking for ways to increase efficiency and quality.

This combined system will allow us to deliver your cold dark shell in 30% less time, with a higher quality building and be MEP ready. Ask us to tell you more about the CDS system and how it can benefit you on your next project.

Want to know more?

Want to know more?