Hudson is a manufacturer of automated construction technology that provides accelerated cold-formed steel construction. If you are looking for a cold-formed steel structure to be built we recommend contacting one of our HUDSON Connect partners, and they will be more than happy to help.
We understand everyone has different requirements, so we are proud to provide custom solutions suited to your exact needs. We recommend talking to a FRAMECAD expert to discuss your business objectives. Request more information.
The future of construction lies in sustainable materials that are delivered using fast, modern methods. HUDSON cold-formed steel (CFS) can result in faster build times, lower costs, versatile design solutions, and a durable, practical solution to premium buildings. Download our Future of Construction eBook for more info.
Advanced construction technologies like the HUDSONsystem hold many advantages over traditional construction techniques. The HUDSON design and build methodology is all about the rapid construction of quality buildings and delivers a faster return on investment. Learn more.
The design-led process reduces costs including engineering and skilled labor, and increases productivity efficiencies giving an overall greater return on investment. Learn about it in our eBook Leading By Design.
Designed using specialist computer-aided CAD design and engineering software, the HUDSON system allows for cold-formed steel to be implemented across a variety of construction applications. Visit our applications page to learn more.
Using the HUDSON design and engineering software and equipment there are significant speed advantages which often result in the delivery of the overall project being cheaper. These costs vary from region to region so talk to an expert to understand the advantages with HUDSON. Talk to us.
When cladding and lining CFS walls it is important to follow the supplier’s installation guidelines and the recommended fastener spacings.HUDSON also recommends the use of a suitable adhesive between the lining sheet and the steel stud. The adhesive is applied in a coin-size daub between the fasteners. This has many benefits to the structure and helps prevent any noise created when tapping the lining sheet. On any wall where either glass wool or Rockwool insulation is installed it is important that the whole cavity is filled, always specify a product that is the same thickness as the frame width. See assembly details here.
HUDSON source and recommend high-quality steel from trusted steel mills globally. All HUDSON steel products conform to internationally approved standards and specifications that ensure quality construction. Talk to a HUDSON expert to discuss your requirements.
HUDSON offers a comprehensive range of training to enable customers to become advanced users of the software suite. Additionally, HUDSON Knowledge Center is available to exist, customers, which is a 24/7 self-help portal for all HUDSON information, including software. Find out more here
You only need one person to operate the equipment and 2-5 people to assemble the frames as they are being produced.